The house’s history


  • The last 4 residents receive written notices by the real estate company PRIMUS Immobilien AG (PRIMUS real estate PLC), stating that their contracts will be terminated. It reads: „We inform you that we are terminating your rental agreement according to section 573 paragraph 2 N° 3 German Civil Code due to your obstruction of our adequate economic utilization of the premises.“
  • PRIMUS Immobilien AG are presumably fully aware that regular tenants are still living in the house erected about 1890.
  • Demolition and reconstruction works commence in August, despite the fact that the cancellation period for the rental agreements expire only in spring 2014.
  • The tenants duly pay their rents according to the local rent index.

2012 – beginning of 2013

Kohleofen abgerissen

tear down of coal-burning stove

2009 – 2010

  • The house is sold for the first time to the partnership Klaus Poklekowski, PEG Potsdam Babelsberg ltd, Henry Streckenbach, Christian Schantz, Astrid Schantz at aprice of approximately 1.2 million Euros.
  • The house is being vacated by threatening action of eviction and by offering financial compensation.
  • Extensive terrain clearance is reached.
  • The ground floor is temporarily used by the gallery MMX Open Art Venue, founded by Jonathan Gröger, Rebecca Loyche, Philip Eggersglüß, and Daniel Wilson
  • Preparation of the future sales strategy to upvalue the building through art. Sales brochures use the terms “the art of living” or “from artist’s workshop to living room”.
  • Sales are taken over by BoB Immokonzept GmbH (BOB real estate concepts ltd), represented by Till Kalaehne and Tim Schultze. See other german link: http://auguststrasse-berlin-mitte.de/branding-strategie-von-immobilienbesitzern-linienstrasse-142
ich verliere mein zu Hause

I am losing my home

2001 – 2009

  • Reassignment to the rightful owners takes about 8 years after successful lawsuits.
  • Due to a mortgage for roof repair works, the owner can not hold on to his inheritance and has to sell it.


End of 2000

  • The public utility housing enterprise Mitte does not issue any more rental contracts although there is a demand
  • Vacancy is created for the first time.


  • Roof repair works

January 1990

  • The tenant, who has been living in the building for the longest time, moves in.

1989, after the fall of the Berlin wall

  • Forced administration by WBM (public utility housing enterprise Mitte), since ownership needs to be settled
  • All apartments except for very few are being dwelled in.
  • Former occupants gain regular rental contracts and can now dwell on legally.
  • WBM (public utility housing enterprise Mitte) retrieves rents without paying for maintenance or repairs -> the deterioration of the house sets in.
  • The rents are being continually raised according to rent index.

GDR era

  • The house was rewarded the Golden House Number – in its front yard area there were uniquely grand rose bushes amongst other features.

“The Golden House Number was a GDR award for house communities, who were extraordinarily efficient in the upkeep and design of their house and residential environment. It was awarded in some larger cities as part of a competition. The winners received a special number plate for their house.


  • Erection of the building


About this blog

This is the private blog of the tenants of Linien 142 in Berlin Mitte – whoever acquires property in this building may displace human beings from their living environment of many years.

Gentrification is a term without emotions. It fails to get across what aggrieved parties undergo and how they feel about it. This private blog reports their experience.

Contact: linien142 (at) gmx (dot) de


The Linienst. 142 tenants report in this blog according in all their good conscience.

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